Anonymous asked: Hello! I am sorry if I am bothering you, but could you tell me a little bit about Nasubi and Hakutaku's relationship? Because I see it A LOT in fanart, but I have never seen anything about it in the anime or manga. Thank you very much!


getting this question super late sorry!! BUT HERE I AM answering question about HnR!! first this one:


Hakutaku’s “dark form” is a pure fandom thing; people really like the idea of the beast part of his celestial beast status going loose and turn his hair white and make him wear dark clothing but it’s purely a fan thing!

about Nasubi and Hakutaku then~ also a post about Hoozuki and Hakutaku’s past here; lots of HooHaku interaction in this post as well!

now if you guys remember, Nasubi is quite a great artist while Hakutaku’s “art” can barely be considered as chicken scratches 

Hakutaku gave his artistic intrustions to Momotaro to make medicine LOL (chapter 36) Momotaro then showed Hoozuki the art and Hoozuki laments for Momotaro for having to interpret this.. unique style

and so, he said the solution to this is naturally - let an artist teach him!


Nasubi’s first place prize painting named “Friend” (rly cute friendship btw) Hoozuki calls Hakutaku over to look at the exhibition and tells him he needs to learn how to draw

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Anonymous asked: is there some chapter about hakutaku's past before knowing hoozuki?


there sure is! before I go in depth with that question I’m going to answer two more about HnR


anon refers to this page; unfortunately he does not!


there are soo many HooHaku stuff in HnR (well more like jsut their interactions) one day I’m going to reread the series and make a post!

you can read more questions about further scanlations of HnR manga here

back to Hakutaku before meeting Hoozuki - in chapter 43 shows Hakutaku when he was young; another chapter later shows Hakutaku’s affair with a girl he met before meeting Hoozuki turn bad lolol and then there’s a part where he talks to the 3 other celestial beasts of China!

in chapter 43, Momotaro asked how long Hakutaku has been around; and well, we see a quick flashback of Hakutaku when he just came to the world…image

"I feel kind of lonely…" 

around that time there were barely any humans around lolol and if you look at the surroundings it’s reallllly early on Earth and Momotaro asks if the Peking man had their own languages and Hakutaku is like yeah! he also stalked them when they went on dates in caves haha

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Anonymous asked: since not much of the manga chapters of Hoozuki were translated yet can you tell me a little about Hoozuki & Hakutaku past relationship? since I see so many cute fanarts of hakutaku with young hoozuki I became curious~


YASS I WILL BE HAPPY TO HAHA I love HooHaku so much hsdf

this is their very very very first encounter obv spoilers (also there’s a chapter that shows young Hakutaku; he is waaaaaaay older than Hoozuki)

to have an introduction let me briefly explain how Hoozuki became a demon in the first place; this was him just entering Hell (chapter 37):


he was actually a human before becoming a demon! so at the time he was in a small farming village; the village wasn’t getting any rain so they offered up a live sacrifice to bring rain - that sacrifice was the young child Hoozuki :< he was an orphan and not from the village so he complied

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Hakutaku: Oh shit! That ended in an ‘n’!

Hoozuki: You lose.

Momotaro: Y’know, for guys who hate each other’s guts, you sure play a lot of games with each other.

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